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My name is Roman Pivovarov, I’m the cofounder & managing partner of ADCONSULT, a networking consultancy for the advertising, media, digital & commucations agencies.

One of our key recurring projects for the past 12 years have been the International Networking Journeys that we organize for the CEOs of advertising & marketing agencies worldwide.

And that’s exactly why we’re coming to Bangkok this February 19th-23rd with an international team of 15 agency CEOs for a week of meetings with Thailand’s prominent creative & ad agencies.

ADCONSULT at Ogilvy, Sao Paulo, 2016

What am I proposing?

I'd like to propose a meeting with you & your team for a group of 15+ CEOs and owners of independent creative, digital, marketing, and advertising agencies from Serbia, Argentina, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

We'll be visiting Bangkok on the week of February 19th-23rd for agency visits / coffee / beers to connect with colleagues from Thailand's advertising and creative industry.

Nothing formal or official, we’re not a “delegation” or anything, just a group of colleagues and friends from different agencies (please see list below). Think of us as an informal club of agency owners.

Also, please note that this networking event involves no costs for you as our hosts. We are not asking for any payment for this meeting, nor are we offering a fee for it. Our aim is purely for mutual exchange and connection.

ADCONSULT at Asiaray Outdoor, Hong Kong, 2019

Meeting options

Our primary objective is simple get-to-know-you and networking to explore new business opportunities and collaborations with colleagues across the world.

And we’d like to meet with likewise open-minded creative and marketing agencies, their leadership and founders.

We will in Bangkok in the week of February 19th—23rd, 2024.

So, perhaps, it would be possible to arrange a brief 1-2 hour visit to your office to meet with you and your creative & leadership team?

Or, if that's inconvenient for you, we will invite you to our venue sometime during that week. 

Let me know if you're open to that.

I will appreciate your prompt response.

ADCONSULT at R/GA, Buenos Aires, 2019

What are the objectives?
What's the benefit?

We believe that a communication agency's growth is fueled by new connections, new insights, new markets and meeting new people in the industry (and beyond it, of course).

This is exactly why every few months we gather together a group of agency owners (each time it’s a different group) to go on a journey to some new country and new market to meet and connect with fellow creative agencies and their best minds.

During each of our one-week trips we usually have about 10-15 meetings with different local agencies, creative associations, marketing & research companies, etc.

We learn from each other, share tools, client work, discuss potential collaboration & joint projects, engage in external expertise, explore subcontracting opportunities, etc.

Here are a few examples of potential business opportunities that could emerge from such meetings:

We strongly believe that such networking meetings are very valuable both, to the participanting agencies and to our hosts.

Two final important things need to be said to clarify our objectives:

First, our goal is not to sell services or seek employment opportunities. Our international networking journey is not about junior agencies or freelancers looking for work.

Quite the opposite, we often bring clients along to these meetings, emphasizing the mutual exchange of insights and experiences rather than transactional relationships.

Secondly, please note, this networking event involves no costs for you as our hosts. We are not asking for any payment for this meeting, nor are we offering a fee for it. Our aim is purely for collaborative interaction and building connections.

ADCONSULT at Bandeirantes, Rio De Janeiro, 2013 

Who is coming?
Who is in the group?

As I mentioned earlier, we are a group of a group of 15+ CEOs and owners of independent digital, media, marketing, and advertising agencies from Serbia, Argentina, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

Here is a list of participants for you to review and assess the caliber of the members:

We are not an official delegation, we are simply marketing and advertising professionals, very much like you, seeking new partnerships, exploring new markets for our clients, and looking for innovative solutions.

You could think of us as something akin to an informal club or an association of agency owners.

ADCONSULT at Heads, Stockholm, 2018

What’s the background of this project?

Since 2012 we’ve organized 30+ similar international networking events for the advertising community in over 20 countries.

Over these 12 years we've met and collaborated with 300+ agencies worldwide, big and small, local and multinationals.

Initially, ADCONSULT was a networking project for the advertising, media, and digital industry in Russophone (Russian-speaking) markets, including Russia, ex-USSR countries, Eastern Europe, and other regions with a significant Russian-speaking presence.

We brought together approximately 1200 agencies for networking, collaboration, and joint projects.

In 2020 we’ve moved our offices to Subotica (Serbia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) to broaden the scope of participating agencies that join us on these journeys.

ADCONSULT networking projects, 2012—2024

What's the agenda?
How will the meeting go?

Again, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to visit you at your office, which is our preferred choice.

However, if that proves to be challenging, we’ll arrange a conference room at some meeting space / hotel / coworking space in they city’s business district.

Usually, our networking meetings last for approximately two hours.

Here's a suggested simple & straightforward agenda for our gatherings:

Or we could run our meeting in a more “organized” and issue-focused way.

Here are a few other options:

In any case, all these meetings are very-very informal and friendly gatherings.

In the words of one of our hosts:

Guys, you won’t believe it, but this has been highly fruitful for our team, because you have asked us questions that we would have never asked ourselves.

These meetings are incredibly beneficial for all participants and definitely are an enjoyable and enlightening experiences for the hosting agency as well.

ADCONSULT at GWA, Berlin, 2017

We truly believe that our clients may benefit from our partnerships with Bangkok's agencies and their approach to creative communication.

And, perhaps, we can bring something to the table for you as well.

So if you and/or your team have a few free hours during the week of Feb 19-23rd, we'd be thrilled to meet with you.

This is why I'm proposing this brief meeting to explore the opportunities that are currently unfolding for potential partnerships.

Let's meet up and research these possibilities together.

Please let me know if you are open to that.

We’ll discuss the preferred format of the meeting and set up the exact date & time.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

ADCONSULT at DDB, Seoul, 2015

My contact details

Feel free to email me or message me at your earliest convenience:

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

👍 Thanks!

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