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This one-page English site offers an introduction to our expansive activities, while our original website, adconsult.ru, provides a deeper dive into our comprehensive services.

Since 2005, ADCONSULT has been a dedicated partner to advertising agencies and media companies, providing specialized training and consulting services. Beginning with a mission to elevate the professional standards within the advertising industry, we have grown to become a pivotal connector in the global creative industry.

In 2012, we expanded our scope by introducing our international networking tours specifically tailored for the leadership of advertising agencies and marketing businesses.

These journeys were designed to create a unique platform for leaders and decision-makers in the industry, providing them with unparalleled opportunities for direct peer-to-peer engagement and collaboration.

By connecting these professionals in diverse global settings, we've facilitated not just knowledge exchange, but also the forging of long-lasting business relationships and innovative partnerships.for the leadership of advertising agencies and marketing businesses.

Networking Journeys For Ad Agencies

These tours are not just travels; they're immersive experiences, bringing agency leaders into the heart of diverse creative ecosystems.

We've explored vibrant cities like Tokyo, New York, London, and many others, opening doors to new perspectives and insights.

Throughout our over 30 networking tours, we've visited over 20 countries, engaging with leading agencies like Leo Burnett, JWT, and Ogilvy, and influential associations like the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) and the International Advertising Association (IAA).

In Rio De Janeiro, for instance, we delved into the dynamic world of Brazilian advertising, connecting with local powerhouses like We Are Social and TV SBT.

Benefits & Outcomes

Our networking tours bring substantial benefits to both participants and hosting agencies. These meetings are more than just interactions; they are opportunities for agencies to share tools, showcase client work, and discuss potential collaborations and joint projects. A host from one of our tours shared, 'Engaging with your team has opened our eyes to new possibilities. It's prompted us to think differently and explore avenues we hadn't considered before.'

The result of these exchanges often goes beyond mere discussion. Agencies frequently find themselves engaging in new partnerships, tapping into external expertise, and exploring subcontracting opportunities. These interactions lay the groundwork for future collaborations, where agencies can hire each other for client projects, demonstrating the practical and lasting impact of our networking tours for all involved."

How We Work

Each tour is meticulously crafted to create opportunities for dialogue, idea exchange, and potential collaborations. The core of these tours is the enduring bonds they foster, connecting agency leaders from cities like New York – a melting pot of advertising innovation – to emerging creative hubs like Belgrade and Dubai.

Building on the success of these tours, ADCONSULT has also developed a robust 1-on-1 networking consultancy. This service has grown organically from the relationships and insights garnered through our tours.

Agencies seeking to extend their reach into new markets often engage us to find the right counterparts, leveraging our extensive global network and expertise.

This bespoke service represents a significant aspect of our work, helping agencies forge targeted, strategic connections that drive their international growth.

We leverage our global network, which includes interactions with agencies like R/GA, Saatchi & Saatchi, and TBWA, to facilitate strategic partnerships across borders.

History And Future

As we evolved, so did our geographical footprint. Initially rooted in Russia, ADCONSULT moved its operations to Serbia and Argentina in 2020, transforming into a truly worldwide project.

This transition reflects our commitment to bridging the gaps between creative minds from all corners of the globe and connecting worldwide advertising community, from the bustling markets of Shanghai to the innovative landscapes of San Francisco.

At ADCONSULT, we believe in the power of connections to ignite creativity and innovation. Our aim is to build a global community of advertising professionals who collaborate, share experiences, and grow together. We are proud to be at the forefront of facilitating these connections, creating avenues for creativity and knowledge to intersect.

Our future mission is to foster a thriving international advertising community through our unique networking journeys. By engaging agency leaders in tours across various countries and markets, we aim to facilitate growth and broaden horizons within the advertising sector.

These journeys are designed not just to traverse physical distances but to bridge creative minds, enabling leaders to meet and collaborate in different parts of the world.

Looking ahead, we envision organizing 8 to 10 trips annually, each with a distinct group of participants, thereby cultivating diverse and dynamic experiences.

Our goal is to not only connect the global advertising community but also to contribute to its collective evolution, encouraging innovation and partnership on a worldwide scale

Join Us

Become a part of our journey in uniting creative minds, sharing invaluable wisdom, and cultivating a network that thrives on collaboration and mutual growth. At ADCONSULT, every meeting is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, and every partnership is a step towards a more interconnected and inventive world.

Welcome to ADCONSULT – where every connection opens a door to new possibilities, and the world of creativity is just a handshake away.

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